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2021 Event Medical Cover

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Events are coming back in Scotland and Amvale Scotland stands ready to provide safe, versatile and reliable cover no matter the scale of your event.

Amvale Scotland's team have extensive experience in providing safe event medical provision throughout Scotland.

A&E Ambulance Team

All of our Paramedics are registered with the HCPC as is required by law. Our Ambulance Technicians In addition, our Emergency Ambulances are fitted with blue lights and sirens which can be used to transport a patient to hospital in an emergency.

We also hold a Home Office issue drugs license which allows appropriately qualified A&E staff to carry a range of life saving medications in the event of an emergency.

Command & Control

Our Medical Controllers and Managers are MIMMS qualified (Major Incident Medical Management & Support). They have years of experience co-ordinating teams of medical staff to ensure that the most appropriate medical aid reaches patrons at your event in an efficient manner.

Doctors & Nurses

All Doctors who work as part of our team are GMC (General Medical Council) registered, as required by law, and are Emergency Medicine specialists. Many also hold specialist qualifications or experience in pre-hospital care / retrieval which makes them perfectly suited for the out-of-hospital events environment. This team is led by a senior Consultant Doctor.

First Aiders

We train our first aiders beyond First Aid at Work level to meet the needs of the Purple Guide. Our team receive annual refresher training and are issued regular CPD bulletins to ensure their practice remains current and safe for all customers at your events. Furthermore, our staff are all insured, uniformed and highly professional so you can be sure you'll be well served by Amvale.

Are you an event organiser? We'd love to talk to you!

Call our office 24/7 on 0800 695 1111 or email

We also have a quote form you can fill out here.

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