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Amvale Scotland supply expertly trained event medical cover with professional, uniformed and fully insured staff. Our team take a robust approach when booking medical staff for events by ensuring we have the resilience to handle any eventuality.


At the time of booking, we can schedule support vehicles and cycle response units to meet the needs of your event or venue.


We pride ourselves in the standard of our training. Records of all staff qualifications are stored digitally to ensure they are held on file and regularly updated as required. At early 2019, in response to the updated Purple Guide, we introduced new courses for all of our first aid staff.


We have an established reputation providing a high standard of first aid at public gatherings from major events to small community days. Our first aid clients include TRNSMT Festival, The SSE Hydro, Scottish Event Campus and Glasgow Warriors.


Amvale Scotland can provide:


✔ Command & Control

✔ HCPC Paramedics

✔ Level 4 / IHCD Technicians

✔ Advanced First Aiders / First Responders

✔ Doctors & Nurses

Our Clients

Our Medical Staff

All Amvale Scotland First Aiders have been trained in:


  • – Advanced First Aid Skills
  • – Moving & Handling
  • – Management of Catastrophic Bleeding
  • – Radio Procedures


The Purple Guide states that First Aid at Work alone is no longer suitable for event work. Therefore, in 2019, we introduced a brand new training package for all of our First Aid staff.

All Amvale Scotland First Responders are trained to a minimum of Level 3 First Responder. They are deployed based on the event risk score in accordance with the new Purple Guide and come with a higher level of knowledge in advanced first aid.


Some of the First Responder qualifications our team hold include: FPOS-I, FPOS Level 4, FREC 3/4 and QNUK’s Level 3 First Responder.

All of our Paramedics are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and have frontline experience delivering care for health services. For peace of mind, you can check the registration of any of our Paramedics by searching the UK register here. Paramedics will have qualified with either an IHCD award, university diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in Paramedic Science following a rigorous programme of study and practical assessment.


Unlike our competitors, Amvale Scotland never supply medical staff without equipment. For some events, supplying a single Paramedic may be sufficient. In this instance we would provide a fully kitted Rapid Response Unit. To ensure high clinical standards this is non-negotiable.

Every event ambulance we supply will have a minimum of an HCPC Paramedic and IHCD/Level 4 Technician as crew. To ensure patient safety, this is non-negotiable.


Institute of Health and Care Development qualifications have been the industry standard for Ambulance Technicians for many years. However, as new qualifications have been introduced, Amvale Scotland only use Technicians who hold a Level 4 Ambulance qualification or IHCD award – the same as NHS Scotland.


Our A&E ambulance staff operate to JRCALC standards. They are trained to drive on blue lights in the event of an emergency to ensure life threatening patients can reach hospital in a safe and timely manner.


We hold a Home Office issued drugs license which ensures our ambulance staff are equipped with frontline standard medications. Equipment is also inspected on a daily basis by our in-house Medical Governance Manager.

Amvale Scotland Doctors and Nurses all have relevant and ongoing experience in delivering emergency and pre-hospital care. These highly skilled medical professionals can staff on site medical centres with full resus capabilities where the risk assessment/event licensing requires it or where the organiser feels it good practice.


Our nurses are registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council. They have a number of years of experience in emergency medical environments.


Doctors are registered with the General Medical Council, their registrations can both be checked on the governing bodies’ websites. Every Doctor we supply is a registered Consultant, with many being A&E consultants or Internal Medicine specialists.

Our Medical Managers are in overall charge at major events. They are all trained in Amvale Scotland communications protocols and have experience in providing patient care at events. This allows them to expertly dispatch staff to requests for assistance from other agencies.


This team have access to live tracking for every vehicle and real-time logging  supplied by Controlled Events.


Every Medical Manager we use holds an Advanced Life Support Group qualification in Major Incident Medical Management & Support (MIMMS).

We have a range of highly experienced event staff who assist our operations at major and high risk events. They come with a high degree of knowledge in event operations and management and can assist with various areas of logistics, staffing and vehicle management.

Amvale Scotland can assist in obtaining your events license; we liaise with both local councils and NHS Emergency planning officers. Our health and safety consultant can provide a full site risk assessment, necessary to ensure that your event operates safely.


  • – Risk Assessment and Advice on Medical Requirements
  • – Advice on Best Practise and Staff Requirements
  • – Liaison with Statutory Health Service
  • – Production of Medical Support Plan
  • – Medical Major Incident Planning


We routinely prepare medical plans and operational orders for submission as part of event licensing requirements.

The Amvale Scotland difference


We take a real pride in our services, to us it’s not just about delivering what the customer has paid for. It’s about exceeding your expectations. Below are just some of the features of our service that set us apart from our competitors.

Using industry leading tracking software, Samsara, we can locate any vehicle in our fleet 24 hours a day. We also have access to live dash-cam footage in high definition. This allows us to identify exactly when an ambulance reaches your event, gets to hospital and returns.


For more information on this technology visit Samsara’s website.

Real-time logging is supplied under license with Controlled Events. They are industry experts in the field of event communications and their state of the art software allows us to monitor our events in real time and meet our legal obligations for record keeping.


For more information on this software visit the Controlled Events website.

Command and Control Unit & Major Incident Truck

Primetech is one of the UK’s leading specialists in Blue Light sector mobile satellite communications and secure wi-fi technology.


So when Amvale Scotland, Scotland’s largest private ambulance service, commissioned a new Command & Control Special Operations Support Unit, Primetech was a natural choice of technology partner.


This impressive addition to the vehicle fleet utilises Primetech’s integrated satellite system. It transforms the way ground level communications are managed by guaranteeing high speed data and voice communications between staff and enabling interoperability with other emergency services.


The fully automated, self seeking satellite system Amvale Scotland has chosen works in conjunction with Primetech’s comprehensive range of communications services such as the Voice Over IP (VoIP), two way voice and data recording services and real time live image transfer.


Robert Wilson, Operations Manager of Amvale Scotland, explains:

“We’ve always placed great importance on spending wisely and investing in high performing, state-of-the-art technology – which is why we approached Primetech to assist with our new vehicle. The very nature of the work we do and the events that we attend means we are often already on site, and first at the scene of an emergency. It’s vital that we can communicate with our staff, and with other Blue Light services, irrespective of whether there are conventional networks available.”

In 2019, Ambulance Scotland invested in all of our Medical Managers by renewing Advanced Life Support Group MIMMS training. This prestigious qualification equips our event leadership team with the skills to take command of serious incidents and major events.


To read more about MIMMS please visit the ALSG website.


We have our own communications systems using Motorola radios with a range of signal boosting equipment. This is complimented by our live tracking and real-time logging software which can be read about in other tabs.

Our CRU’s are often staffed by First Aid staff to provide an immediate response where a vehicle may struggle to reach in a timely and safe manner. Examples of this include charity running events in city centres, such as HSBC’s Let’s Ride.


Our panniers are supplied by industry experts Openhouse and made from their proprietary fabric which is anti-microbial and easy to clean. They hold vital equipment including life-saving AED’s (heart restarter) to provide an immediate response to patients when seconds count.